Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Flag is up!

The flag has been hoisted at Sri Kapali Temple, Mylapore.  Several hundred people had gathered at the temple early today morning to witness the kodiyetram which signifies the beginning of the festival. 

In early years and in a few villages even now, once the flag is hoisted for a festival, the residents are forbidden to leave the village till the flag comes down. And even if they do leave, they are asked to come back before the flag is brought down. 

And that practice still holds good for some Mylaporeans, like 76 year old R. Dharmarajan, a resident of T. S. V Koil Street. We caught him taking a quick darshan of the deity at Kolavizhi Amman Temple, Mylapore on Saturday. The reason, he was leaving for Palani in a few days and wanted to take the blessings of the grama devathai for a safe return. 

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