Sunday, April 9, 2017

Mada Streets at night

Picture by Jayashree Nagarajan

Picture by Jayashree Nagarajan
Its way past 10 p.m. today (April 8) and the Mada Streets are still as busy as they were during the ther festivities in the morning. East Mada Street has been closed to all vehicles, except for the occasional bikes or cycles that slowly drive past. Barricades have been set up at the intersection of East and North Mada Street. Police personnel are everywhere, watching and managing the crowd.

Hawkers have set up their wares all along North, South and East Mada Street. Children are seen playing on the merry-go-round, parents seen bargaining for balloons and vendors are seen selling everything from sweet white pedas to balloons, jewellery, kitchen items and toys for children. 

Children are seen sitting on the big ther, tugging on the huge garlands. The big ther is now inside the open shed. Outside the shed, three small thers have been parked one behind the other.   

The temple gopuram has been decorated with beautiful lights, changing colours occasionally. 

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